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A form of healing by placing crystals or gemstones on the specific areas of the body called "Chakras" is basically termed as "Crystal Healing". It is a sacred pristine science that rediscovers the immense utter power of the stones or crystals with the main motive of improving health and wellbeing on different levels, i.e., body, mind, spirit and beyond. In simple words, crystal healing is a way to develop Spiritual Health. It is connected to the inside energy of the body.

Crystal Healing Teacher Training in India

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

If we go through scientifically as well as mythological fact then we came to know that the entire universe is made up of energy (Shakti). You can't see the energy present inside your body or in a healing crystal but actually, the cells in your body and healing crystals are made up of the same kind of energy. These energetic properties have the power to generate light that interacts with the cells of the physical body. Simply, the energy of the crystals interacts with any other energy field near it. A human body is made up of seven basic energy centers, each associated with a specific color.

The technique of healing through crystal based on this fact. Some crystal healer uses this technique of placing the same color crystals as the color of the chakras on the person in order to eke the flow of energy. Crystals use energy in the same way as of magnets just like magnets attract or repel using energy. When a certain crystal is placed over certain parts of human body, then the energy present inside the body transforms, moves, vibrates pulses and shifts in accordance with the energetic signature and properties of the crystal. Not only in healing techniques but crystals also use on medications.

Healing That Can be Expected From Crystals:

From migraines to anxiety and beyond, you can use crystals to heal everything. Meditation practice can also be accelerated through healing crystals. The level or types of healing you can get from a right crystal in a right application is of no limit. Clearing, Energizing and Balancing are per se the ways by which healing crystals can transform the energy and resolve imbalance.

Know & Heal Yourself:

  • The benefits of crystal healing and the technique behind the color of a crystal can alter their healing properties.
  • Chakra exercises to improve awareness of your energy body.
  • Using their hands as conductor of healing energy.
  • To activate & dedicate crystals and methods for attunement, programming them and giving them intently.
  • Detecting & Balancing your energy field.
  • To combine crystals healing techniques with Reiki, massage, teacup reading, palm reading, astrology, and numerology.
  • To perform chakra and aura scanning techniques in crystal healing.
  • To safely repair energy leaks and blockages.
  • About quartz healing & balancing techniques and the neurological balance method.
  • To amplify healing with intensifying techniques.
  • To meditate using crystals.

Who Would Benefit From The Course?

This course is for all those who is interested in or wish to take a holistic or metaphysical approach in their own lives for wellbeing and wellness. Also, those who want to undertake the course for a new career path can join this course. After the successful completion of the course assessment, you get insurance to set up as a Crystal Healing Practitioner.

Here you can learn to use crystals for mental, emotional and physical healing along with the most crucial attribute, i.e., spiritual healing.

Crystal Healing Schedule:

Course Name Duration Date Fee
Crystal Healing Workshop 5 Days As Per Appointment 350 Euros
Crystal Healing Session 1 Hour As Per Appointment 30 Euros

So, take a step to change your life in a positive way, to heal yourself by joining the "Crystal Healing Course" of Maayaa International Healing School.

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