Sound Bowl Healing Teacher Training Course in India

Tibetan Sound Healing TTC

The sound has an immense power of vanish away the tension and to make the day blissful. It is heard by ear but in reality, it can be felt by the whole body. Certainly, sound has a very powerful effect on our feeling and mood. When our mind is still, then it pays most of the attention to the sounds and then the body of an individual reacts accordingly.

Not even this, scientifically proved that sound can help in reducing stress and creating a profound sense of well-being. The effect of a sound in the body and mind of an individual is not new; instead, it has been the part of Hindu spirituality and healing therapy since ages in the form of a Mantra Chanting & Recitation. This ancient tradition is amalgam with a modern-day renaissance and forms a therapy of sound healing.

Something About Sound Healing

One of the pristine and natural forms of healing therapy; Sound Healing is a proven effective modality that simply uses vibrational sound to get relief from stress-related physically and mentally issues. In order to restore one's mind, body and soul back to a state of balance; Sound Healing Therapy uses the power of sounds or harmonic vibrations that produce from the instruments. These vibrations have a deep penetrating effect on promoting health and well-being.

At present, sound therapy becomes one of a growing number of meticulous healing therapies that uses the voice of a human or object to stimulate healing. Simply, Sound Healing therapy let healers understand the physical or mental issues of an individual that begin with the imbalances in the energy field that surrounds the body of an individual. After this, with the use of vibration, sound, chanting, frequency, toning, song & music; Sound healing creates shifts in the body, mind and spirit.

How the therapy of sound healing performed?

The sound waves produce from the instruments facilitates shifts in our brainwave state and works in inducing a deeply meditative and peaceful state of a mind. By using the frequency & rhythm of an instrument, the brainwaves can entrain and becomes possible to down-shift the state of normal waking consciousness to the state of relaxes consciousness.

Not only this, the brainwaves can also reach the meditative state and the state of deep sleep, where internal healing can occur.

The body of a human being is comprised mainly of liquids, the vibrations produced by an instrument deeply penetrate the body by moving through tissues and organs and resonates directly into our cellular memory. The whole process releases blockages and creates a profound sense of peace and relaxation.

The whole experience of SOUND HEALING THERAPY is not just an auditory, instead, it feels like receiving a full body massage.


  • An enhanced sense of wellness.
  • Provide relief from anxiety, depressions and so on.
  • Feeling more balanced and centered within.
  • Deep profound relaxation.
  • Heightened sensations and perceptions in the body.
  • Deepening of the meditation experience.
  • Release of blocked emotions.
  • Improved sleep.
  • Quiets mind chatter.
  • Make physically & mentally balanced, refreshed and rejuvenated.

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