Reiki Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh


What is Reiki Healing?

"Rei" and "Ki" are two Japanese word that combines and form the word, "Reiki". When translating into English, these Japanese words depict the meaning "universal soul or spirit" and "energy" respectively. Simply, the word "Reiki" means "Universal life force energy".

Ki is actually a non-physical energy that animates all the living things present in the universe, be it's humans, animals or plants. One will feel confident & strong when their ki is high and will feel weak or sick when their ki is low. Through meditation, exercises & proper nutritious diet, one can increase "ki". If we talk in an Indian language, then "ki" literally means "prana".

The Japanese technique of Reiki helps in the healing of physical and mental trauma. In this technique, spiritual energy is transferred to heal the body from stress or illness.

How Does Reiki Healing Work?

Reiki is a powerful healing technique that breaks negative energy from the body and raises the level of the energy field. During Reiki Healing, a practitioner move their hands over the body of the recipient and the recipient feels the warmth radiating from the hand of the practitioner. Through this, the practitioner enables the Reiki to flow through the affected parts of the energy field and further charges them with a positive energy. And finally, the life force flow in a healthy and natural way.

Benefits of Reiki Healing

  • Stress reduction and relaxation.
  • Brings harmony and inner peace.
  • Balances the mind, body and emotions.
  • Brings a calmer and peaceful state of mind.
  • Heal the mental as well as emotional wounds.
  • Provides relief to emotional sorrow and distress.
  • Relieve pain from arthritis, migraine, sciatica, chronic fatigue and so on.
  • Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension.

Who can learn Reiki Healing?

The technique of Reiki Healing is easy to learn. The basis of learning of Reiki is not dependent on acquired ability or individual talent, instead, it depends upon the strong determination of a learner. We teach all levels of Reiki Healing at "Maayaa International Healing School". Our courses are for all level of Reiki learners; Level 1 & 2 for beginners and level 3 & 4 for advanced learner.

So, learn and heal yourself by joining the Reiki Teacher Training at "MaaYaa International Healing School".