Sound Healing Course in Rishikesh, India

Date Starts from every 9th
Fee 1960 Euros
Duration 11 Days
Location Rishikesh, India
Sound Healing Teacher Training in India

What you will Study - Maayaa Healing School in Rishikesh ?

  • Why Singing Bowl and what are the effects of Sound Healing.
  • What is Sound Healing.
  • How to analyze sound and vibration.
  • Importance of Sound and techniques of healing.
  • What are the various effects of different sound bowls.
  • What are 18 singing bowls and their attributes.
  • What are the effects of Singing Bowls and Gong.
  • What are 7 Chakras & their linkage with 7 Chakra Bowls.
  • How to diagnose diseases in the aura before entering into body.
  • What are precautions for Singing Bowl.
  • What is the right time for different therapies.
  • How to use different techniques to treat different issues in life.
  • Chakra philosophy for sound.
  • Practical exercises to grow in a spiritual way.
  • Gong's effect on your body and surroundings.
  • How to prevent yourself from bad sound.

How to Apply - Maayaa Healing School in Rishikesh ?

  • To reserve your seat you have to submit an application form at
  • After the form submission, you have to pay the advance fee of 50 Euros (non-refundable) which is part of the entire course fee and the remaining fee have to be paid on your arrival.
  • If you want to pay the remaining fee via credit card, additional 3% charge will be applied.

Our Healers

Maaya Ji - Lead Healer Trainer

Maayaa Ji - Founder & Healer

Sanjay Ji - Trainer

Sanjay Ji

Shivanika - Trainer

Dr. Shivanika

Shiva - Trainer


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