Numerology Courses in Rishikesh

Numerology is the universal language or science of numbers which the numerologist understands. The study of Numerology involves simple mathematics but numbers and the alphabet play a vital role in the significance of predicting the day month, and year of your birth are connected to your personality and reveal the meaning of your life.

Numerology Courses in India

Numerology is based on two things:

1. Date of Birth
2. Name of a Person.

Your name is the most important key factor in numerology. The names, one you were given at your birth and another you are famous for; both hold equal importance. A numerologist counts the characters of your name and increases or decreases it accordingly as the spelling and the alphabet of your name affect your fortune in life. It is more about your personality and your character. It guides you to the best of you.

Origin Of Numerology

The Pythagorean system originated from the Greek Mathematician, who is known as The Father of Modern Numerology and served the world from 569-470 B.C. The Numerology we practice today is the hard work of the great Pythagoras.

What are The Types of Numerology?

1. The Chaldean: It is the oldest known system of numerology.In this system, the numbers assigned to the letters are not determined by alphabetical order.
2. The Pythagorean: It is the most popular numerology system used today. This system assigns the number value to the sequence of the western alphabet and uses a number formula based on calculating 1 to 9.
3. The Kabbalah numerology: This system has assigned 22 vibrations ranging from 1 to 400 and only analyzes the name and not the birth date.

What is Life Path Number in Numerology?

Life path number is the most important factor in the entire Numerology as it will always be with you throughout your whole life. It describes the complete picture of your personality, your nature, your behavior, your lifestyle, your thoughts, and communication as each number represents a different, specific part of you and your life.

All numbers have hidden meanings from the date you were born to your card number, and your phone digits; all your numbers surely help you to bring happiness to your life.

Why You Need Numerology?

  • If there is a lot of sadness in your life and you do not understand anything how to deal with it.
  • If you have lots of question in your mind and you want their answers.
  • If you are very confused about a situation and a person.
  • If you have lots of dreams and you are unable to implement them.
  • If you are suffering from something in your life like pains, differences, lack of confidence, depression, lack of concentration, determination.

Reasons Why You Should Try Numerology?

  • It identifies your life purpose ambition.
  • It highlights your best -suited career.
  • It points you towards ideal hobbies and interest.
  • It figure out your relationships and dilemmas.
  • It can help you track down the dream home.
  • It tells your lucky numbers.

Numerology Course Schedule:

Course Name Duration Date Fee
Numerology Workshop 6 Days As Per Appointment 600 Euros
Numerology Session 30 Min As Per Appointment 30 Euros

So, take a step to change your life in a positive way, to heal yourself by joining the "Numerology Course" of Maayaa International Healing School.

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