The Healing Power of Crystals

How crystals can heal human body?

Crystals have been revered for thousands of years for their healing, divination, and other qualities by people from all over the globe including Chinese, Native American, Hebrew, Egyptian, Mayan, Greek, Tibetan, and Aztec societies. These sacred stones were first used as items of adornment, but the human relationship with the mineral kingdom soon evolved and ancient peoples began to recognize the energetic qualities of crystals. It is thought that as long ago as 25,000 BCE, specific stones were used for health, love, luck, and spirituality. There is documented use of the healing properties of crystals dating from 1500 BCE in the Egyptian medical text, the Ebers Papyrus.

Crystals are more than just matter and molecules. The perfect, stable structure of a crystal represents the balance and harmony that most people seek in their own lives. As gifts from the earth, healing crystals are symbols of balance and perfection from which you can begin your own transformation into the whole, healthy, balanced being you’re meant to be.

Because of their internal crystalline lattice, crystals are able to absorb and transmit light. This property, called refraction, allows crystals to draw in universal light energy, to reflect and refract it within their structure, and then transmit it back into the universe. The light energy is amplified and enhanced by the crystal’s internal structure. All crystals are natural amplifiers of energy and assist personal healing by magnifying both the universal light energy that surrounds them as well as your intention for using them, and it is this that makes them such powerful healing tools.

Each crystal has its own unique vibrational frequency, just as each person has their own energy vibration; the interaction you have with a specific crystal will be unique to you. You may find that you connect deeply with some crystals but not with others. Because of the subjective nature of crystal healing, it is best to use stones to facilitate energetic shifts, which can create an overall sense of wellness, rather than a symptom-based approach.

Crystals are powerful, natural amplifiers of energy. When you combine them with the transformative abilities of affirmation, you have a winning recipe for positive transformation. Affirmation are conscious statements of your intent that help to co-create your reality. They are like messages that you share with the universe in order to communicate your wants, needs, goals, dreams, vision, wishes, and desires. When you focus your full attention on manifesting your affirmation statements into being, and you support that energy with crystals, you can create major shifts in your life energy.

Crystals are powerful healing tools. Healing stones balance and align the chakras and the aura. Crystal energy works on a subtle level, transforming the energetic roots of disease in the body. For this reason, crystals are a wonderful complement to traditional medicine. However, they should never be used to replace conventional treatments. While traditional medicine uses a symptom-based approach to healing, crystals are more integrative, creating energetic shifts that support physical and emotional healing.

Crystal divination is the art of using crystals to help you tap into your innate psychic gifts in order to receive guidance on your life path. Crystal divination can take many forms including scrying, crystallomancy, and lithomancy. Crystal scrying utilizes slabs of stone like obsidian for gazing in order to view images and symbols that represent important concepts and themes in your life. Crystallomancy is the art of scrying with a crystal ball, typically made of clear quartz, which is used in a similar way to the obsidian mirror. Lithomancy, or stone casting, is an ancient practice of divining with stones. Stones are cast into a designated area, then read according to their properties, their relationship to one another within the casting area, and whether or not they fall within the casting area.

Meditating with crystals is a powerful way to connect with their energy. They can be quick and easy or deeply intense sessions—create a meditation routine to suit your own needs. Hold your crystal while meditating to tune into its energy and create a personal connection.

Crystals can also be used for energetic cleansing. They can be used to remove negativity energy, self-limiting beliefs, and worn-out belief patterns and thought forms. Your stones are highly protective when worn or carried with you.

Connecting with the energy of your stones during meditation or through divination is an easy way to develop your intuitive guidance. Some crystals can help you open up to universal source energy and connect with your spirit guides, angels, and animal spirits when placed in your sacred space. Stones can also be used for astral travel, dream healing, and more. Simply place the crystals in your pillowcase or on your bedside table.

Finally, the most amazing ways to utilize your crystals is for your own personal growth and development. Any of the above techniques will strengthen your connection to crystal energy and move you toward spiritual ascension.