Sound Healing Workshop Slovenia

Sound Healing Workshop Slovenia Level 1

20 & 21 October 2018

10h - 17h

Cesta na Brdo, Ljubljana, Slovenia

320 Euros

Only 15 Seats.

Participants will recieve a certificate of Maayaa International Healing School.

The sound has an immense power of vanish away the tension and to make the day blissful. It is heard by ear but in reality, it can be felt by the whole body. Certainly, sound has a very powerful effect on our feeling and mood. When our mind is still, then it pays most of the attention to the sounds and then the body of an individual reacts accordingly.

Not even this, scientifically proved that sound can help in reducing stress and creating a profound sense of well-being. The effect of a sound in the body and mind of an individual is not new; instead, it has been the part of Hindu spirituality and healing therapy since ages in the form of a Mantra Chanting & Recitation. This ancient tradition is amalgam with a modern-day renaissance and forms a therapy of sound healing.