Reiki Healing Workshop Croatia

Reiki Healing Workshop Croatia Level 1 & 2

27 - 28 October 2018

10h - 17h

UL.Zatišje 3, Basanija, Istra, Croatia

250 Euros

Only 15 Seats.

Participants will recieve a certificate of Maayaa International Healing School.

"Rei" and "Ki" are two Japanese word that combines and form the word, "Reiki". When translating into English, these Japanese words depict the meaning "universal soul or spirit" and "energy" respectively. Simply, the word "Reiki" means "Universal life force energy".

Ki is actually a non-physical energy that animates all the living things present in the universe, be it's humans, animals or plants. One will feel confident & strong when their ki is high and will feel weak or sick when their ki is low. Through meditation, exercises & proper nutritious diet, one can increase "ki". If we talk in an Indian language, then "ki" literally means "prana".

The Japanese technique of Reiki helps in the healing of physical and mental trauma. In this technique, spiritual energy is transferred to heal the body from stress or illness.