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Maayaa International Healing School Rishikesh India | Description

Reiki Teacher Training Course  

Reiki is derived from a combination of two Japanese words "Rei" which means "universal spirit or soul" and ''ki'' which means "energy". Hence, "Reiki" together depicts the meaning, "Universal life force energy". It is ingenious and emphatic hands-on healing technique. Reiki is a healing which is practiced to cure any kind of diseases in a human body without the use of any medicines or instruments. Reiki helps you to protect and build your AURA in a way through which you can actually make a shield around your body which stops any kind of negative element to enter your body, be it illness or any psychological issues. It also helps you to balance your chakras and keep them aligned in a way to keep you mentally and physically fit. It also creates harmony within body, mind & spirit. Reiki healing is not just self-healing but also includes healing others around you as well as distance healing.
In 'MAAYAA HEALING SCHOOL' we teach all the levels of Reiki Healing. We have our regular basic level 1st and 2nd for the beginners and also 3rd, 4th and final grandmaster course for the teacher training in Reiki.
Maayaa with her Reiki Healing has healed patients with depression, anxiety, stress, release fears and suppressed feeling and emotions.

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Sound Healing  

The sound is actually a vibration that touches every part of the body, it is not only heard by the ear but can be felt by the whole body. With this principle, Sound Healing technique is used to heal & balances the body. Sound Healing is a popular method of healing as sound touches a human being deeply in emotional as well as spiritual manner. It is an ancient therapy that undergone a period of re-discovery and is now uses widely to redress imbalances in a human being on every level.
Tibetan Singing Bowls can help in balancing your mind, emotions and health. It is actually a therapeutic form of healing. These bowls are played in the manner to generate vibration and sounds. The sound made by the Tibetan bowls are utilized to treat various issues or problems. These bowls first appeared in areas surrounding The Himalayan Mountains. Sound Healing is very helpful and Maayaa has helped so many patients suffering from insomnia, Cancer, Pain, Immunity & Relaxation. Tibetan Sound Bowls are excellent Meditative therapeutic healing tools and for a peaceful or relaxing state of mind.

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Chakra Healing  

Your chakras are powerful energy vortexes connected to your physical body. Each one relates to different organs of your body, different aspects of your being. It interacts with the physical body of a living being through the nervous system and endocrine glands. When the chakras are open and flowing, everything works in harmony. When they are closed you feel unwell, you may have disease or illness. It happens just because your chakras are linked to the glands that create hormones.
My guess is that you've always done for others, more than for yourself. Am I right? Balance the Heart chakra and take care of you too. Whatever is going on for you, your chakras are guiding you to the solution. Illness, lack, insecurity, pain, weight problems.
Maayaa says that the seven chakras when awakened cause a transformation of consciousness, and physical changes in the body. The body will experience ultimate health and the mind will possess a "Knowing" not of this world. An awakened chakra spins or turns, and the sensation can be felt in the body. Chakras is a Sanskrit word meaning, "wheels or disks of energy."

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Crystal Healing  

Crystals have their own distinct vibration frequencies. Crystal transforms various types of energy into biological energy that ultimately re-energizes and re-balances the biological system of the body on mental, emotional as well as spiritual level. However, they are more effective in the area of emotional healing. From migraines to anxiety and beyond, you can use crystals to heal everything. Meditation practice can also be accelerated through healing crystals. The level or types of healing you can get from a right crystal in a right application is of no limit. Clearing, Energizing and Balancing are per se the ways by which healing crystals can transform the energy and resolve the imbalance.
Maayaa uses different Crystals for different diseases. Crystal Healing is actually a form of energy that is done by placing crystals or gemstones on the specific areas of the body called "Chakras". It is a sacred pristine science that rediscovers the immense utter power of the stones or crystals with the main motive of improving health and wellbeing on different levels, i.e., body, mind, spirit and beyond. It is connected to the inside energy of the body.
"Crystal Healing" course at "Maayaa School of Healing" is for all those who have the interest to take a holistic or metaphysical approach in their own lives for wellbeing and wellness.

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Tarot Reading  

Tarot is known to be the mirror of the soul. It is a pristine art that uses 78 archetypal cards to represent the past, present and future situation of a human. The Tarot first appeared in northern Italy during the 15th century. A Tarot Card Reading is an amazing way to inkling insight into your life and reveals hidden truths of your past. Also, it will find the solutions to the obstacles you already faced or will face in the future.
Maayaa has been using this art of Tarot Divination from past many years. According to her, it’s a way of using your intuition to gain a better understanding of not only your life emotions & feelings but also those of others how important are you in living your life.
The cards have the main purpose to understand clearly the problems associated with a person that acts as a hurdle in their progress. A right reading of tarot card shiners the past decisions, endorses the present conditions and spec a probable future.
At "Maayaa School of Healing", we provide you a chance to begin your journey of a tarot reader. Join our school and unveil the soul secrets & understand yourself better. Also, find your professional or personal issues under the divine guidance of tarot or archangels.

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Numbers play a big vital role in everyone’s life. At each & every step, we are surrounded by the numbers. Maayaa says Numerology is the science of Numbers and it can help you to understand the meaning of numbers and may even help you find your life path. She has various clients all over the world for whom she has done various numerological changes pex: phone no, name, business card and other changes to remove hurdles in their lives.
Numerology is an art that not only helps in understanding the basic problems if a person but also works on improving it. It determines the personality, strength, weakness, talents, hurdles and inner necessity of a person. Simply saying, Numerology reveals the whole picture of a person's personality.
The pristine science of Numerology makes the most of life with exceedingly right and influential forecast. It will also very useful for an insightful look at your unique trait or character.
At "Maayaa Healing School", we taught students to read the fundamentals of the numbers which ultimately prepared them for well-turned elucidations through numbers. With the complete view of Numerology, one can also make the most of their strengths. This will however also prepares students to take up Numerology as a profession.

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Aromatherapy is derived from an ancient practice of using natural plants essences to promote health. Aromatherapy is actually an alternative practice of treatment using the naturally extracted essential oils from the parts of the healing plant like flowers, stems, leaves and so on. These aromatic oils when applied to the skin, helps in overcome from various health issues and enhance physical as well as psychological well-being. With the usage of these pure essential oils, we treat pains, injuries, diseases and also helps to relieve many problems. Not only this, Aromatherapy also acts on the central nervous system, cures depression, anxiety and other psychological as well as physical problems.
The science behind this reveals that the plants contain many vital chemicals in order of protecting themselves and so the oil extract from the plants are very strong and effective in treating the various diseases.
Aromatherapy is not a modern practice but is a pristine therapy practiced for over 5,000 years. It also results very beneficial for managing pains, reducing stress, improving sleep & depression, soothing sore joints and so on.

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Meditation Teacher Training Course  

Meditation is a practice or exercise that trains the mind to gain consciousness and engage in peaceful thoughts. Maayaa international healing school conducts an intensive course in meditation to provide you various meditation techniques like Mantra chanting, Mudra, Belly Tapping, Chakra Breathing etc. which helps you to grow on your spiritual journey. The duration of the course varies on different programs that we propose.
Students who are keen to unveil the mysteries of his or her mind or those students who dreamed off to become a great meditation teacher can join our course. We provide 100 Hours Meditation Teacher Training Course for the people who are new in the field of meditation. You are heartily welcome to join our 7 days beginner meditation course to practice the real power of meditation in Rishikesh. This course will cover all the important aspects including sitting, still or moving body and alignment for the posture.

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