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What is Chakra?

In the body of a human, there are seven main energy centers known as "Chakras". Through these chakras, the life force energy enters the physical body. We are alive because of this life force energy. Chakras in a human body are located along the length of the spine. The seven different colored chakras relate to different organs of the body through the nervous system and endocrine glands and are responsible for a better nourishment of our vital organs & overall well being.

The seven major chakras are:
1) Root Chakra
Color: Red
Location: Base of the spine

2) Sacral Chakra
Color: Orange
Location: Two inches below the belly button in the lower abdomen

3) Solar Plexus Chakra
Color: Yellow
Location: Around the point where the ribs meet in the middle of your abdomen

4) Heart Chakra
Color: Green
Location: Center of the chest, on the breast bone

5) Throat Chakra
Color: Blue
Location: In the throat in Adam’s apple area

6) Third Eye Chakra
Color: Indigo (blue-violet)
Location: In the forehead, between the eyes

7) Crown Chakra
Color: Violet
Location: On top of or just above the head

When the chakras are open, then everything works in harmony and you feel healthy and relaxed; while when they are blocked or closed, then the upstream & downstream flow of energy gets affected and so the organs associated with the respective chakra. As a result, you may feel unwell or may have illness or disease. All this happens because the glands through which these chakras are linked are responsible to create hormones.

  • In order to restore a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system, the method of CHAKRA HEALING is used.

Something About Chakra Healing!!!!!

Chakra Healing is actually a method or technique to unblock the chakras and brought them to a harmonious and well-functioning state to ensure the proper health of an individual. The main idea behind the spiritual practice of chakra healing is simply to place a balance between body, spirit and health. This technique supports a balanced flow of overall level of energy. Moreover, the balancing or healing of a chakra establish a consistent flow of life force energy and regulate it after assessing where the energy is excessive or blocked.

During the practice of a "Chakra Healing", a healer moves their hand a few inches up from your body, in the direction from the bottom of your spine to the top of the head in order to detect moving energy (warm energy) and slow-moving energy (cold energy) inside the body. Through this practice, a practitioner senses the flow of energy and redirects it by removing the blockage. It should be kept in mind to consider the neighboring centers of each chakra and the energy flowing through the whole system.

Benefits of Chakra Healing

Chakra Healing or Balancing is an excellent way to gain balance within the body, mind and spirit of an individual. Some of the amazing benefits of Chakra Healing are:
• Release blocked emotional energy and negative emotions
• Achieve well-being
• Access the energetic frequencies and higher states of consciousness at will
• Become self-confident
• Get in touch with intuition
• Create a sense of connection with the divine
• Increased awareness and openness to Psychic and Spiritual Information

Chakra Healing at Maayaa International Healing School

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• To check the health of the chakras
• To activate and balance chakras for yourself and for others
• To remove the inner blocks of the body

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