Importance of Sacral Chakra in Women

Why activate the sacral chakra?

Women are readily hardwired for the strengths of sacral chakra energy. The womb of creation is within them, and they possess the same creative power as the Creator of the universe. This blessed gift gives them the ability to nurture, to be highly sensitive, and to have a heightened sense of intuition. Women are also naturally blessed with the passive inner strength of the sacral chakra. This strength imbues women with the power of attraction. In mythology, many goddesses are portrayed as passively awaiting good things while adorning themselves with jewels or brushing their thick, luxurious hair. The idea in this portrayal is that the goddess doesn’t have to do anything but relax, and like a magnet, she attracts good things to her.

In modern society, women are pulled to live more in yang energy, which is masculine, forward moving, and competitive. As they compete in the workplace with their male counterparts, they must take on more masculine roles. But in order to remain balanced, all people, women as well as men, must embrace both energies, yin and yang, and problems can result when women move too far into yang energy. Some women feel that they must deny their femininity in certain situations at work or at home, and this can create imbalances. For example, at work a woman might feel compelled to dress more like a man to avoid potential sexual harassment or to fit in a mostly male workplace.

Typically, women who naturally have more yin energy find it easier to swing the pendulum back: they’re able to embrace their femininity while performing more masculine activities, and they don’t have a difficult time remaining balanced. On the other hand, women who naturally feel more comfortable in a masculine role might not strive to temper their yang energy with their inherent yin.

Health problems can result when women lose this balance. Some women who over-identify with yang energy develop depression, lupus, cancer, high blood pressure, and other diseases. Many others have a hard time getting pregnant. Fertility and procreation are natural when the second chakra is balanced. In fact, they’re a normal and healthy part of the process of life. But today, because of the demands of higher education and work, many women wait until after age thirty-five to try to get pregnant. Waiting this long decreases a woman’s chance of getting pregnant in the first place. Then, when she finally does get pregnant, she must face the fear of not being on par with her male co-workers because of the physical vulnerability of being pregnant and having a child. So instead of embracing pregnancy as a natural time to enjoy being a woman and to embody goddess energy, she can suppress these feelings in order to fit in.

Excessive yang energy also spills into relationships and family life. Many women are single mothers and must play the role of breadwinner, disciplinarian, home-maker, parent, and head of household. Women who are used to having power and respect in the workplace then take that same yang energy and apply it to parenting and marriage.

The problem is, women aren’t physically built to sustain the demands of taking on every single task of both a man and woman, such as working full-time, taking care of a household, creating babies, raising children, being a great wife, balancing the budget, lifting weights five days a week, and volunteering. Wow! It was exhausting just writing all of that. Yet many women are doing all this. In the not-too-distant past, women didn’t even handle the traditional household roles alone. They had support networks. Extended family members shared tasks, and the burden was spread across many instead of piled up on one.

Women today feel ashamed that they can’t do it all, but they were never meant to. They shouldn’t consider it a weakness to need help or to want to embrace their femininity. Women should be proud of their ability to create, to acknowledge their emotions, to be nurturing and sensitive. These are all great qualities. Women shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help or admit that they’re not Hercules. Women need to decide what energy they truly want to embrace in their relationships. Sometimes I see women who really want to be feminine and act through yin energy, but they don’t let themselves, out of fear of being weak. In reality, though, weakness lies only in not knowing who you are or in sending out conflicting messages to the world that don’t reflect what you feel inside.

I see this especially in dating. Because they’re over-identified with yang energy, many women have become more assertive in dating and in some cases downright aggressive. Traditionally, thanks to his competitive yang nature, a man would want to pursue the woman, woo her, and win her heart. But today, when women take on the yang role, the energetic transfer can take away the man’s drive to go out there and work hard to get what he wants.

As a woman, figuring out how to balance your second chakra involves knowing how you would like to embrace your feminine energy so you can keep it open and flowing at all times. Figure out who you are and how you want this energy to manifest, and stick with it. For example, if you’ve always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but family pressures have caused you to remain in a full-time job, you can work toward the role you want to embrace. You could, for example, explore the options of a home-based business working only part-time. For your own health, try not to let society’s expectations get in the way of knowing what’s right for you. When you meditate, focus on your second chakra and especially your female sex organs, and ask yourself if you’re fully embracing who you are. If you’re not, what’s holding you back? Stay true to yourself, and you’ll find you can more easily become your own best friend.

The gifts you receive from your sacral chakra are perhaps some of the most powerful and transformative gifts of all.